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A number of maxi-singles and EPs have a few iteration of an artist’s single, and Jita’s mini-EP “Power of One” does just that. However, I feel that Jita really goes above and beyond in regards to this concept, as she puts forth three distinct versions of the titular single. The style of music that comes forth on the studio version of “Power of One” is something that deftly blends pop, salsa, and contemporary Christian music. This means that there are hints of Rachael Lampa and Stacie Orrico present, while the instrumentation speaks to the widest possible audience.

The second track on “Power of One” is the Contemporary remix of the single, which brings forth the instrumentation considerably. While this does not mask the impressive vocals of Jita, I believe that there is a more cohesive statement provided by the track here. The disc begins to give itself over to its second half soon after the Spanish version of “Power of One”, which maintains its same catchy demeanor and momentum. “Lean On” is a cogent extension of the EP, allowing Jita to not only break completely new ground but also to create a unique, distinctive sound for the EP. While the track is still single-worthy, I feel that “Lean On” is a more intense track in terms of subject material and overall feel.

The slightly funky, R&B feel to the track will snare more listeners, while Jita’s tremendous voice represents a Siren’s call that will have listeners focused in until the remix of “I Need You” closes up. This remix gives “Power of One” a run for its money, swapping the pop groove of “Power of One” for a straight-forward set of dance trappings. Keeping things fresh through the inclusion of horns, Jita ends the “Power of One” EP with even more energy than she began. I know that I cannot wait until she is able to come forth with a full-length or with a tour that hits my neck of the woods. If what you’ve read seems amenable, head over to her to site to see exactly what’s new.

Top Track: Power of One

Rating: 8.3/10

Jita – Power of One / 2010 Self / 6 Tracks /

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