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From the opening strains of “Borderline”, individuals will be aware of the fact that the Nazi Dogs will be a stripped-out, straight-forward type of punk band. Coming out of the tradition of the MC5 and The Stoogers (through some hardcore UK punk, like The Toy Dolls and GBH), Nazi Dogs play tracks on their “Chase The Man” that will bounce around listeners’ heads for months after the disc ends. The double-voxcal assault that comes through during tracks like “Borderline” further gives the band a full sound that not too many punk bands have; this is essentially what one should expect if they were able to hear one of the earliest punk bands if they were given access to a modern day recording studio. Each of the songs could conceivably be heard on the radio, and this does not mean that the Nazi Dogs play the 1 2 3 4 punk of The Ramones. In a sense, “Suicide King” brings a Dead Boys type of style to the Nazi Dogs, even as the multiple-vocal assault is something that seems more common across the pound. The fact that this German act can come up with something that is salient, so important too the current music scene here in America speaks volumes to the talent of this act. Tracks don’t necessarily have to be the short, intense blasts that a number of punk bands bring to their listeners; the Nazi Dogs have a number of tracks that thrive in the three to four minute length on “Chase The Man”. The increasing power of the guitar work during “Hookers” is evidence of this fact, as the band can hit their listeners like a wave a number of times on this track without sounding the least bit repetitive or hackneyed. Nazi Dogs are also fine coming up with the furious attacks that are more present on hardcore albums; “Chase The Man” sputters out in all of its punkabilly-influence glory before the band even gets close to the two minute mark. The Nazi Dogs cut “Chase The Man”, and cut it in a way that the band rattles off an unbroken string of eleven hits, one after another. Here’s to hoping that the Nazi Dogs can come across the pond and truly kick the asses of all who can see them live; for now though, I do not think that anyone will be disappointed in this hunk of plastic.
Top Tracks: Hookers, Borderline

Rating: 6.9/10


Nazi Dogs – Chase The Man / 11 Tracks / [email protected] / / Reviewed 22 April 2006

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