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The type of rock that Revel 9 immediately hit their listeners with has the immediate catchiness to be present on rock radio, while the overall sound of Revel 9 touches upon a number of different rock styles. Particularly noticeable during “San Jose” has to be the guitar work, which lifts the track to an entirely new plateau. The band marries together a much grittier feel with a punk style that will have listeners singing along after only a few listens. The band wears their emotions on their sleeve, and dictates how each of the tracks on “The Razorblade Diaries” goes through guitar riffs and drum lines.

“All I’ve Become” represents a hit for Revel 9, as the track possesses a much more dark and brooding feel than had previously been present on the album. During this track, Revel 9 builds off the work of acts like Papa Roach and Three Days Grace, even as the intense drum work represents an entirely new beast than either of those acts. “Lay My Head” has a more dust-swept feel to it that showcases that Revel 9 can still throw their listeners a curveball even at the last bits and pieces of the EP. It is hard for a band to showcase their ability over the course of an EP, but Revel 9 is able to pinpoint their sound and have listeners hungering for more all over the course of six tracks. The disc may end with “Without”, but I believe that the disc will keep its place through a number of replays. “Without” is the perfect end to the album, as it begins with the act showing the instrumental side of things.

After further showing their versatility through this opening, Revel 9 create harmonies in this track that will bounce around listener’s heads long after the album closes up. Revel 9 do a tremendous job in closing their unique skill with this EP, and I have no doubt in my mind that the act would even shine better in a live format. So, pick up a copy of “The Razorblade Diaries” and check to see whenever the band may be coming to your neck of the woods.

Top Tracks: San Jose, All I’ve Become

Rating: 8.0/10

Revel 9 – The Razorblade Diaries (CD) / 2011 Self / 6 Tracks /

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