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“Connected” is the introduction that many listeners will have to Richard Anthony; the catchy pop that opens up the disc provides a perfect backdrop that Anthony can then build off of. “Even If” continues many of the trends that are initially present during “Connected”, placing Anthony’s vocals at the forefront of the track. The guitar work and drums present during this track provide additional levels of complexity; “Even If” is the sort of track that will open up nicely to repeat listening. “Make Me Yours” is another track that establishes Anthony’s sound as something that is amenable to fans of a wide array of genres and sounds.

The track succeeds on a break from the sounds broached during the first few tracks; there is a Depeche Mode meets Cure feel that gradually gains momentum as the track continues to spin on. “Connected Part One” is the rare example of an album that gets better as it spins on – late disc track “Charge Me Up” is a perfect example of this. “Charge Me Up” is a success because it does not rely on the tacks that Anthony has taken on previous album track. The electronic-infused instrumentation that begins the track adds a certain drive to the track that is otherwise unparalleled. Anthony’s vocals take up the challenge and take listeners through a five minute-plus journey.

Despite the fact that there are many different influences and musical styles that are present during “Connected Part One”, listeners will nevertheless find a common thread in Anthony’s vocals. No matter what tempo or feel is fostered during the track, Anthony’s voice acts as the glue. It is due to this fact that “Connected Part One” succeeds so well – one just needs to listen to a track like “Do You Ever Wonder Why” to understand this. The track represents for me the range of twists and turns that Anthony provides his listeners, as well as acting as the jumping off point for any subsequent recordings or live dates that he may enter into. Check this album out today.

Top Tracks: Connected, Back To You

Rating: 8.3/10

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