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“Just Another Day” is the first track on Meet The Christopher Brothers, and it provides listeners with inoffensive rock that is catchy, fun, and possessing of just enough of an edge to keep things interesting. Perhaps most interesting with “Just Another Day” is the rapid back and forth that the vocals take towards the end; rather than riding the melodies to their logical conclusion, the Christopher Brothers continue to add to their overall sound. “What If” has a little bit of a punk side to it, with the guitars reminiscent of Green Day and Blink 182.

With just a hint of emotive rock, “What If” represents the second single for the band. Tying contemporary styles of music with tried and true fresh faces and compelling arrangements is an equation that works perfectly for the Christopher Brothers; while this EP only provides listeners with four tracks, the amount of interest that will be generated in the band just from these cuts is without comparison. “Girl You Know I Care” slows things down and represents the band’s softer side. Despite having a vocal-heavy arrangement, the production of “Girl You Know I Care” is sufficiently strong to allow for a fairly deep instrumental interplay to take place.

With the numerous layers present here, what would normally be a normal type of pop ode to a female turns into something that is much more erudite and fulfilling. The progression as it moves towards the chorus is timeless, and is furthered through multi-vocal harmonies. While Meet The Christopher Brothers ends with a version of John Lennon’s “Imagine”, I feel that the three initial tracks provide fans with more than enough of a peek into the band’s psyche. I want to see exactly how the Christopher Brothers evolve and change over the years; with a great number of years ahead of them, I can only imagine the sheer amount of styles, approaches, and sounds that will be present on each recording. They are that good.

Top Tracks: Just Another Day, Girl You Know I Care

Rating: 8.6/10

Christopher Brothers – Meet The Christopher Brothers (CD) / 2011 Self / 4 Tracks /

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