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Most the time that we have reviewed a children’s-focused album, the resulting music was at a level below that of similar releases. Where there has been the rare children’s title that has been able to hang with other similar-genre releases, Jeanie B’s newest album Sugar Buzz easily pops to the top of the heap. Each of the tracks on Sugar Buzz do more than delight with catchy hooks and fun instrumentation – they will provide young-set listeners with the proper behaviors and ways of action in a variety of different situations.

Our favorite tracks on Sugar Buzz would have to include both Please Don’t Pick Your Nose and Jammies All Day Long. I believe that the allure that Jeanie B has really comes in the broad applicability of her songs to all audiences that would be listening in. The production and way that the band crafts the tracks on Sugar Buzz will be what brings fans in by the boatload. “When You Open A Book” is a perfect example of this, with a decidedly dense set of arrangements that belies the track’s straight-forward nature.

While there is no confusing that the music on Sugar Buzz is intended for children, I feel that the way in which Jeanie B and the rest of her band throw themselves into each of the album’s cuts will ultimately make it easy for adults to enjoy what’s present. Make sure to pick up a copy of Sugar Buzz in October from iTunes or from Jeanie B directly; it will do admirably in a holiday package or as a birthday gift. Jeanie B will be hitting live stops through September and October; check out her website above and see where she’ll stop.

Top Tracks: When You Open A Book, Dance Party Every Night

Rating: 8.5/10

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