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I love donuts, but the biggest problem that I have with them has to be the freshness that one usually gets. If you pick up donuts from a Wal-Mart or similar place on a weekend, chances are good that they will have been cooked on a Friday. With the latest product from the Nostalgia Products Group, The Automatic Mini Donut Factory, there is no chance that an individual will ever have to buy stale donuts again. The product is designed with a retro look in mind, but the different bits and pieces of this design does not decrease the product’s functionality. The product is priced at around $180, and will make it incredibly easy for individuals to make donuts whenever the urge strikes them. The product is designed for safety in mind – the different guards will block hot oil from coming back and splashing. With 30 donuts made per batch, one will be awash in the cakey delights.

The only drawback that I could conceivably see to The Automatic Mini Donut Factory would be the amount of oil that it requires (about five liters). While one just has to put in oil every few months, having that much of the good stuff on hand may make the purchaser have to pull up roots and pick up some oil from the store. However, the quality of the donuts plus the marvel of actually creating and cooking donuts should more than make up for this minor inconvenience. If donuts are not your thing, check out the linked website above and see the whole range of different products that Nostalgia releases – they have a number of different products that would work perfectly in either a holiday or birthday present vein.

Rating: 8.5/10

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