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The momentum of the initial composition on Frozen In Motion will immediately bring listeners in to Kodomo’s psyche. A chattering, busy sort of sound works alongside atmospheric compositions, moving to a slower and more deliberate feel after the break. While this initial track taps out at well below the three minute mark, I feel that the song acts as a microcosm of the different sounds, styles, and approaches that will await listeners throughout the rest of the album.

Decoder is over twice the length of Frozen In Motion, but one will swear the track is but a few minutes. It is the delicate touch of Kodomo during Decoder that sets the track off; moving effortlessly through styles, ey creates an intense experience for listeners. S Equals Zero is distinct from the rest of the efforts on Frozen In Motion as it takes a much more classically-based tack. While this sound quickly shifts to a funky bit of atmosphere, there is ample evidence here to show that the compositions on Frozen In Motion are based on a set of much earlier styles.

Everything That Comes From The Sea beings with a rare happening – the vocal quote that establishes the track quickly is broken down into its constituent parts. This short track – only :46 in length – nevertheless contains a distinctive sound and an equal presence on Frozen In Motion. The album ends with Symmetry Unwinding, a track that builds off of the framework of Disappearing Light to end the disc in a fitting fashion. Kodomo’s work is self-contained, with the 12 compositions on the album comprising one full entity. While there is some benefit to be had listening to the tracks individually, I believe that the sum is much greater than the parts here.

Top Tracks: Frozen In Motion, Everything That Comes From The Sea

Rating: 8.4/10

Kodomo – Frozen In Motion (CD) / 2011 Self / 12 Tracks /

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