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myScratch is priced as an introductory DJ scratch controller, but the sheer amount of functionality that it provides will ensure that it remains in a studio or trucked along to gigs for years to come. The sensitivity of the platters is variable (controlled by a knob on the back of the controller), while the cuing, looping, and sampling ensures that one can make some sick mixes. Whether individuals wish to crossfade, change pitch or key, or just keep the energy at a high level, the myScratch performs admirably.

The durability of the myScratch is unparalleled. Rubber, metal, and plastic unite to ensure that no amount of dings or drops will break or otherwise harm the controller. DJ-Tech has also included VirtualDJ and an audio interface (a 4in/4out Soundbox Pro) in their myScratch Pack. The audio interface is something that you will want hooked up to your computer – it provides ample inputs and outputs, and is powered (as with the myScratch) by a USB port. A set of headphones finishes up this pack, and allows for great noise cancellation as one continues to tweak, twist, and turn their compositions into musical brilliance.
Coming in as more of an amateur than a professional, the myScratch Pack allowed me to rapidly get into mixing, cuing, and scratching. In fact, the time spent from unboxing to a pretty decent education about the myScratch’s option and abilities was only about an hour. I would highly recommend the myScratch Pack for anyone that is just getting into DJing and mixing, but that should not be seen as a limitation. The wide-open aspect of the myScratch allows for individuals of a wide variety of skill levels to sound great and let their own unique style fly.

At a price point under $200, this is a perfect gift to buy for a friend, relation, or for yourself in this near-tax season. Check out the linked DJ-Tech website for a listing of their other product offerings, and see if the myScratch product is the scratch controller for you.

Rating: 9.5/10

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