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There are so many different supplements currently on the market that look to take the herbs and mixtures of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but it seems as if verifiable medical reports have proven only the effect that caffeine has in providing energy and weight loss to those that take it. Prolab has created this product and has taken caffeine from a wide variety of sources – Cocoa Extract, White Tea, Guarana, Green Tea, Coffee, and Kola Nut. After taking Prolab’s Advanced Caffeine, I am pleased to report that there was nothing in the way of a crash to report.

This means that the pill gradually stopped working, while the longitudinal side of things meant that I gained energy every time that I took the supplement. I find that it is pretty easy to find a supplement that works for a few weeks and then peters out, but the Advanced Caffeine contains none of those drawbacks. Take the Advanced Caffeine alongside a pre-workout, a protein-containing drink, and a vitamin, and one will be able to have all the energy that they need to finish their workout in record time.

The great thing about the Advanced Caffeine has to be that there is not the jitteriness that is present in many energy-promoting supplements. Where this would typically lead to failing out early or even to injury (if an individual is not paying full attention to what they are doing), there were no draw-backs to taking the Advanced Caffeine. Prolab has a tremendous supplement on their hands, and while it is not the “sexiest” product currently on the market, I believe that it may just be the best. Pick up a bottle whenever your “energy” supplement runs out – you will not regret it!

Rating: 9.1/10

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