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Before there were celebrity-endorsed headphones, there was Plantronics. The company understands headsets and headphones, and has done so for countless years. Their BackBeat Go is their latest product offering, and is the best headset that we have reviewed this year. The clarity of the BackBeat Go in music reproduction is astonishing, revealing bits and pieces of tracks that one could not hear on a typical speaker setup. However, this is not a unitasker; one can conduct voice calls. In fact, the Bluetooth side of things renders calls crystal-clear, both in terms of talking and listening to calls. It seems like other Bluetooth / wireless products that we have reviewed have had significant problems approaching the fidelity of a handset, but the BackBeat Go sounds better to me than my personal cell phone.

The design of the headset is light enough (.46 ounces) that listeners will not feel encumbered by it, while the volume switch is response and intuitive. Perhaps the best design element to the BackBeat Go has to be the cording, which runs behind one’s neck (rather than dangling dangerously in front of the individual).

Make sure to pick up a pair of the BackBeat Go; at a $100 price point, they are better-made and cheaper than other luxury efforts on the market. The design and ruggedness of the BackBeat Go ensures that they will not need to be replaced, while the shape of the earbuds ensure a comfortable but sturdy fit. Pick up a BackBeat Go, use it for your media player or as a hands free receiver; it simply is in a league of its own. Check out the Plantronics site for more information about the BackBeat Go, as well as the countless other products that they have developed.

Rating: 8.7/10

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