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3 Ways in Which Monetary Donations Are Helping Hurricane Sandy Relief

After the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, attempts to rebuild and get life back to normal continues. Numerous people who would love to help those affected by the hurricane, but out of millions coming forward, there are very few whose help and contribution will be able to affect those affected. The United States Agency for International Development or USAID initiated a public education on how to make an effective donation in times of need.

The agency created the Centre for International Disaster Information, the CIDI, which upheld the tagline “Cash is Best”. When you donate money, it is a smart way to show compassion. Given below are three ways your monetary contribution can make a difference during a natural disaster.

  1. Monetary Donations Help The Relief Organizations

In times of natural disasters of such profound nature, you should come forward and make monetary contributions. When you donate money to the relief organizations working in these affected areas, you make a huge impact. In fact, in such times, the smallest contribution can make a huge difference in the life of the victims.

Relief organizations also use the donated money to buy housing materials, provide life-saving materials, food and other articles of need.

  1. Setting Up Mobile Hospitals And Providing Life Saving Supplies

The first few days after a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy are very chaotic. There is a need for life saving supplies and large sums of money to buy these things. The relief personnel and paramedics working in relief organizations can use the money you donate for the victims.

The money, which you and million others contribute, is put to good use during these times. Mobile hospitals are set up in open unobstructed spaces using this money. Life-saving supplies are bought in bulk from the nearest hospital, or town and are then transported to the disaster area immediately.

  1. Get All The Purchases And Supplies From The Local Market

The best way to help a disaster affected area is to help the economy recover. Do not donate perishable items like food, clothing and basic necessities. Since you don’t know how long the road journey transporting them will be, it is best to avoid buying them. The condition in which they reach the disaster-affected area may not be suitable for usage.

In such a situation, the supplies go waste. Get all your basic supplies from local shops. This will ensure that the supplies are fresh. The transportation cost will be lower and most importantly you will help build up the economy that has been badly affected. Every penny you spend here will go onto restore the fragile economy.

The CIDI and USAID are always urging people to make monetary instead of need-based donations. If you donate money, the amount can buy food, clothing and other life supply items as and when required without any wastage. So go ahead, and make your contributions to charity initiatives for Hurricane Sandy relief and contribute the ones in need.

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