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If you want to get into the medical field then there are many phlebotomy schools that you could get into. The best among those schools is the phlebotomy training course provided by The Centre for Prehospital Care at UCLA. It is for people who want to become phlebotomy technicians certified by the state.

The training is comprehensive and would make you learn phlebotomy (gold standard) that would ensure that your patient is safe and the results are always correct. You should know that having a phlebotomy certification helps your salary. The pass percentage of graduates is a whopping 97% on NCE and they can straightaway start off their careers as phlebotomists. Before you go ahead with the program, there are many things you should know about it. The following points will summarize it for you –

  1. Program Information – The Centre for Prehospital Care is known for its superior educational and research facility. To be a successful and efficient phlebotomist, there are many skills and a lot of extensive knowledge that you need to acquire. The program and institution make sure to equip their students with all of those important things. The staff is knowledgeable and is always willing to help and tutor the students at all times. The State of California Public Health Laboratory Field Services provides accreditation to this program.
  2. About The Course – The duration of the course is 8 weeks which involves both classroom lessons and in hospital training. In the classroom, you will understand phlebotomy using presentations, lectures, and go to labs to learn how to draw blood and such useful things. Students practice venipuncture on each other and on manikins before their clinical training begins. When your clinical training starts, only in its 3rd week would you be allowed to draw blood on an actual patient.

Only clinics that are affiliated and UCLA hospitals are eligible for students to take their clinical training in. Even then, there would be a licensed preceptor under whom the students would work.

  1. Eligibility Criteria – You don’t need any previous experiences or qualification in the medical field to be eligible for this course. However, a high school diploma is necessary and the student also needs to possess a SSN (Social Security Number) that is valid. CPR certification is also necessary and it should be current.
  2. Payment And Financial Consideration – You have to make all payment in full at the time of registration of the course and it can be done over the phone or online as well. Usually credit card payments, check or money order is accepted. Also, they have this payment plan which allows you to put 50% of the amount in 3 installments after you pay the initial 50%. You won’t get any federal financial aid for this course.

After you finish the course, you’ll get the certificate of completion and can take the certification exam of phlebotomy at NCCT. After that, you can apply to State of California for a license.

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