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Blood of Gruumsch is a new faction pack for Dungeon and Dragons’ Dungeon Command game, allowing players to champion the orc race. This time around, Strength, Wisdom, and Constitution attributes are focused on. Players can created pitched battles or move around the map finding the treasures in the world; there is a wide-open aspect to the game that significantly increases the replay value of the title.

The strongest part of Blood of Gruumsch has to be the build quality of each of the miniatures. The care taken in their crafting allows players to easily identify which role every miniature plays, while the set of cards accompanying the miniatures provide players with a number of possible strategies to ultimately become victorious.

Make sure to purchase a copy of the new Dungeon Command expansion; the constituent elements can be utilized on their own, or be mixed alongside previous faction packs to create a wholly unique experience. For those that are new to the Dungeon Command game, the Blood of Gruumsch expansion allows two players to take on a syncopated version of the title. Blood of Gruumsch can be purchased online or at any local game store that has a strong miniatures section. There have only been a few expansions at this point, so if these types of titles interest you in the slightest, I would strongly suggest that one purchase the entirety of the title’s releases and keep up to date on each of the subsequent releases.

Rating: 9.1/10

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