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Very few single compound-containing supplements are able to provide a significant effect for those that are taking them. Syneburn, a Primaforce supplement, contains 10 milligrams of Synephrine from Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange). Supplementation with Syneburn will provide a large boost to one’s energy without the rapid crash that energy pills provide. Furthermore, Syneburn decreases the overall hunger level of those that supplement with it, decreasing the desire to snack and otherwise wreck the gains that were packed on with a workout. Syneburn’s energy allows individuals to properly focus on studying, working out, or even activities including biking or swimming.

I was able to supplement with Syneburn for 60 days and was happy with the fat-burning aspect (energy + smaller appetite), the boosting of metabolic levels, and the alertness that the supplement provides. Unlike many supplements that are touted to increase energy, I felt that the effect of Syneburn 60 days in was just as strong as my initial week supplementing with the product. Most supplements that are said to provide energy include numerous compounds along with extracts, but Syneburn is a product that works simply containing Synephrine.

Check out the Primaforce website for more information about the supplement and the rest of their product line. Make sure to check whether Syneburn will interact with any other supplement or prescription that you may be taking, and make sure to follow the 1 capsule daily recommendation by Primaforce.

Rating: 8.7/10

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