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This hefeweizen is one of the smoothest that we have ever experienced. While there is a mild effervescence to the opening sips of the beer, I feel that the banana / clove combination that is dominant during Wisteria Wheat is utterly unique. Fans of the sweetness of a cream soda will absolutely dig Wisteria Wheat – a sixer will go by incredibly quickly owing to the allure of this beer. As the temperature continues to raise through the end of spring and into the summer, the Wisteria Wheat should be what is picked up. With each subsequent sip, the beer continues to open up – a hint of lemon may appear, for example. Rather than needing to leave an inch of beer due to a sea change in the flavor profile of the effort, the Wisteria Wheat continues to be delectable throughout the entirety of each bottle.

I feel that the alcohol percentage of the Wisteria Wheat is perfect, adding a much-needed bite to the sweet demeanor of the beer. Fans of the more hoppy types of beer would do well to search out Wisteria Wheat and experience it on their own; I feel that the balanced effort here will appease the widest swath of beer fans.

Check out the Fordham Brewing Company’s website for more information about the brewery and their normal and seasonal efforts. Comment this post if you have had the Wisteria Wheat or any other of the Fordham releases.

Rating: 8.4/10
wisteriawheat-e1365432198355-200x200Wisteria Wheat Review / Fordham Brewing Company / 5.10% ABV /

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