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While there seems to be a desire for individuals to want the lighter and more fruit-flavored beers during the summer months, I feel that porters provide a perfect counter-point to a big meal or long day of work. Summit’s Great Northern Porter is a rich brew that pours with an intimidatingly dark head and body. The lacing that remains stands in stark opposition to the dark coloration of the brew, sticking around until one finishes their glass. The hints of toasted malt, coffee, and even hints of smoke are moderated by a slight sweetness with an initial sip. Rather than go too heavy on the brown sugar notes, Summit has placed the perfect amount of hop bitterness into the beer – at 45 IBUs, the Great Northern can be appreciated by the widest array of beer fans.


The Great Northern has a small amount of carbonation, which highlights the smooth complexion of the porter. Summit has crafted a high-octane session effort in this beer, allowing imbibers to polish off a few beers with relative ease.


Make sure to visit the Summit website for more information about their year-round and seasonal efforts. Summit was one of the earliest microbreweries and continues to provide imbibers with memorable efforts; pick up a six pack of the Great Northern Porter or another Summit effort and your local beer store.


Rating: 8.6/10


Great Northern Porter / Summit Brewing Co. / 5.6% ABV / /

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