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Serious Strength Training is a title that looks to provide individuals with education to move past early stages of bodybuilding into the more hard-core weight training. This book provides more than just a set of exercises (which are numerous), providing education in regards to high-intensity training, diet, and even sets of workouts that will increase muscle gains. The “Using Nutritional Supplements” chapter will inform readers about what each class (BCAAs, preworkouts, ECA stacks) of supplements assist with and the time during the workout that they should be taken. The “intensity is the bottom line” mantra provides a starting point for individuals that wish to benefit the most from Serious Strength Training, while a discussion of the motor unit activation rates showcases the differential efficiency of a variety of exercises.


Of particular note in the hypertrophy section of the book, the authors provide an informational breakdown about the superslow training method. The discussion of the eccentric and concentric movement clarifies traditional gym wisdom, while a follow-up section (Common Misconceptions) attempts to steer readers away from unnecessary strain or injury.

The book is written in a very approachable manner, allowing those high-school or early collegiate athletes to reap the benefits described in the book. I believe that the variety that Serious Strength Training preaches in terms of daily calories and workouts is what will keep bodies confused and plateaus broken. Make sure to purchase a copy of this regimen from the Human Kinetics website or from a well-stocked online or physical book retailer.

Rating: 8.7/10


Serious Strength Training Third Edition Book Review / Tudor Bompa, Mauro Di Pasquale, and Lorenzo Cornacchia 2013 Human Kinetics / 358 Pages /

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