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We utilize headphones all the time at NeuFutur headquarters, and have found time and time again that the traditional, over-the-ear headphones are what can recreate music the closest to a full sound system. However, there are a number of headphones out there that possess a similar style. The build of the MH510s is stellar, ensuring that it can take dings and bumps of everyday life without an issue. The fidelity of the music played through the MH510s is amazing, with faithful recreation of highs, lows, and even the bass of various EDM and rap songs.

MH510 Family V1

The isolation granted by the MH510 headphones is superb, allowing purchasers the ability to completely disconnect themselves from the world. The seal that the MH510s provide also makes it easy to jam out even in those locations where silence is necessary (classroom, library).

The CAD Audio MH510 headphones can be purchased from a wide variety of online retailers for about $100, and come in a range of different color combinations (black, black chrome, white/red, and black/orange). CAD has also included two cables (straight and coiled)) and two sets of earpads to make the experience with the headphones absolutely memorable; I personally believe that the coiled cord will allow individuals greater range of motion when they are wearing the MH510s. Visit the CAD Audio website for more information about their product line, and new efforts that will be released through the end of the year. These are quite simply the best headphones that we have used this year.

Rating: 9.4/10

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