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Schiek is the gold standard for lifting gloves. Whether it is the durable Amara synthetic leather used, or the fins that are present to ensure that someone can easily take the gloves off, Schiek gloves decrease the amount of wear to one’s hands and fingers during iron sports. The leather is thick enough to protect while being thin enough to gain a solid grip on any bar, dumbbell, or piece of exercise equipment. We were able to evaluate the 520P gloves, which are festooned in a pink that provides a fashionable look alongside the utility provided. For the finer exercises and activities (getting a shaker cup ready, grabbing weights off of a tree), the three-fourths cut of the gloves are much appreciated. The padded palm and glove allows for a further increase in one’s ability to grip onto a weight for even extended numbers of sets or reps.


The 520P lifting gloves have a one-year warranty, but even those that tend to use the gloves on a regular basis will be able to use them to a great effect two or three years after purchase. For those that may not be into the pink highlights, Schiek offers the same gloves in black-on-black coloring. Visit their website at for further information about their product lines and offerings.


Rating: 9.2/10



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