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Call of Duty Ghosts is one of the most immersive titles that we have reviewed. The graphics present here are stellar. This means that there is a wide array of different environments which players will experience, from cityscapes to free-falling from airplanes, scuba diving all the way to taking up the aspect of a dog.

Perhaps the greatest increase to the gameplay has to be the multiplayer modes. The care taken in establishing a wide variety of modes that represent substantively different experiences showcases why Call of Duty is such a phenomenon. Whether it is a free for all, capture the flag (Domination), hot potato (Cranked), or a Search and Rescue mode that pushes the team aspect of the title, players will be taken to their limits. The ability to Create a Soldier allows players to establish a unique play-style, as there are 60 combinations of classes and loadout styles. In the same fashion, the design team has placed a tremendous amount of care in the differentiation of weapons and equipment. While a great many of these weapons inflict death, the specific strategies that are taken are considerably different based on whether one uses marksman rifles, SMGs, or knives.

For those that are concerned about the looming release date of the Playstation 4(November 15th), Activision is providing the ability for owners of the PS3 edition of the game to purchase the digital version of the PS4 iteration for $10. With so many twists and turns present, players will be able to find something to continually dig when they play Call of Duty: Ghost. The game is a solid addition to the franchise and provides one last hurrah for the outgoing platform by Sony; this is a perfect stocking stuffer.

Rating: 9.5/10

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