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Cold Snap is a very hazy and bubbly effort from Samuel Adams that looks to showcase the change from the heavier and darker releases to the more fruit and sweeter efforts of the spring season. The beer separates itself from other white ales on the market as it has a sweeter, almost caramel-like aspect to the flavor. This provides additional complexity to what is already a heady style to approach. The 5.3% ABV of Cold Snap is perfect, providing imbibers with just enough of a bite to keep things interesting from beginning to end. Eminently drinkable, there is no good reason why an individual shouldn’t polish off a few bottles of the Cold Snap if they are fans of the white ale style. There is richness and a vitality to this release that make this more than 1 of 6; the experience that one has when drinking a Cold Snap is simply incomparable to anything else that is on the market. As the beer continues to warm up, the specific tenor of the beer changes – no two quaffs are exactly the same. There is a more balanced blend of malt and hops at the half-way mark as the beer continues to shift and change. When completing the last swig of Cold Snap, one will be at a considerably different places from when they started.


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Rating: 8.8/10


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