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NASCAR ’14 is one of the few sporting-based video games on the market that showcases the sheer difficulty of the activity.  The tweaks, paint schemes, and the variety of upgrades that are available to players allow the game to have considerable replay value, while the pain-staking amount of detail paid to the recreation of a number of the actual NASCAR tracks will appease die-hard and causal fans of racing alike. I believe that players will get the most value out of the multiplayer mode, which has been upgraded to allow matchmaking based on each player’s skill level. Players can create leagues to make a miniature version of the Sprint Cup Chase. I feel that the ability to have a long-term league showcases the overall skill of each players in a much more salient fashion that a single race would indicate. For those individuals that are playing the single-player mode, the AI has been similarly refined. This means that players will have to be at the top of their game to eke out a win against these computer players, which have been given all the savvy and talent of those at the highest echelons of the NASCAR hierarchy.

The graphics on NASCAR ’14 are absolutely stellar, with ETX Racing crafting the crispest graphics that we have seen in an auto league title. The graphic representation of damage gives players some semblance of the sheer danger one would be in should they strap up and experience a NASCAR race from one of the cars, while the control scheme makes it an approachable game for a wide subset of those sitting down to the title.

Make sure to visit your local department store or favorite online retailer to purchase a copy of NASCAR ’14 for the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3.

Rating: 9.0/10

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  1. Paid review? 9.0/10.0? Did you actually play it? a full career? a full race? multiple tracks? No glitches at all even without the release day patch? Impressive.

  2. I think its good as far as the graphics go but as far as the game play goes its not very realistic. The damage to the cars looks very bad and as far as the game play goes its pretty unrealistic as well. I’m sorry but whens the last Daytona 500 you watched were the drivers slam into the side of each other none stop without crashing? Better yet how often do you see a car go upside down hit several other cars and keep racing after a short pit stop to fix the “damage” that never seems to actually slow the car down at all. My personal favorite so far is the fact that if your out front they will be racing 3 wide all the way to 43 on the track till they hit you. Then once they get around you cause you had to make a great save the cars in front of you start running single file as you catch back up to them do to your lap times not changing, but watch out once you get to the lead the field starts running 3 wide again just to wreck you once more. Very disappointed with this game I wouldn’t tell anyone that its worth having. This game is very over rated, stick with last years game and save your money!

  3. I’ve never bought a Nascar game, but I’ve been wanting to play one really bad for some reason! I’m planning on buying one today! What’s your advice on what I should get?

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