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Espresso Stouts are the perfect sort of beer for those cold winter months as they tie together stronger flavors and an alcohol presence that cannot be beat. Espresso Stouts are a style that is difficult to master, with a tendency to go overboard with the coffee notes. However Twisted Pine are able to provide a moderate and approachable style that ties together velvet, chocolate, and coffee elements into something that is absolutely delectable. The beer pours with an incredibly dark / blackish coloration and an off-white to light brown head that is very slow to dissipate. Lacing is substantial as one continues to drink the beer.186197


The initial nose notes of the Big Shot provide drinkers with the titular espresso / coffee elements, a boldness of style which is moderated considerably when one takes that first sip. Big Shot will pair well with red meats, cheeses, and other dishes with a flavor profile that is at least as bold and complex as what this beer provides.


The Big Shot Espresso Stout Out has a different constellation of flavors that become extremely evident when the beer gets to room temperature. At this point loads more malt heavy notes become dominant. The warming impact of this Espresso Stout will do well to stave off the cold, ice, and snow. This is a limited time offering; Big Shot bottles are likely to disappear off of shelves in short order. Make it a point to purchase your own bottle of Big Shot Espresso stout and visit the company’s website at for more information about the brewery’s year round and seasonal efforts.


Rating: 9.0 / 10

Big Shot Espresso Stout / 6.1% ABV / Twisted Pine Brewing /


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