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Full Sail Brewing has just hit their 27th year anniversary and as a treat to their fans, have released a beer commemorating this occasion. The company has created an interesting effort in their 27 Wheatwine Ale which combines a high ABV (9.5%) with a very alluring and distinctive taste. There are hints of a dubbel and a little a more traditional malt-based flavor profile that will immediately hit individuals on their initial sips. The beer pours with a dark brown and mahogany coloration and a slight amount of head that will rapidly dissipate.


The alcohol amount may seem heavy for those that are familiar with efforts in the five to six percent ABV range but Full Sail Brewing has crafted such an intricate and complex offering that any alcoholic notes are hidden; imbibers will continue to taste new constellations of flavors each time they hoist the bottle to their mouth. The beer continues to shift and change as it reaches room temperature, as the more dark fruit and molasses elements that were initially picked up on the first sip gradually open up into to something much more like a Belgian strong ale. The beers large serving size (22 ounce bottles) makes it the perfect offering for those that just wish to work on a single beer for a session. Full Sail’s 27 Wheatwine Ale has a dense and intricate profile and I would venture that this is the reason why it can stand up so well even an hour or two after opening up the bottle.


Visit the Full Sail website at for more information about their seasonal and year-round efforts, the brewery has created something that is wholly unique and should be purchased by anyone that wants a different effort than they have ever tried before.


Rating: 9.0 / 10

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