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French Toast Crunch is a cereal that first debuted in 1995 but the cereal was taken off of shelves in 2005. Fast-forward about 10 years and General Mills has heard enough public outcry to release the cereal yet again. The cereal is going to be rolled out at the national level first starting in January 2015 and will run around $3.50-5.00 for a box. The cereal is precisely like I remember with the perfect amounts of hearty and sweet.


This is precisely the sort of cereal that one would eat if they feel that some of General Mills other efforts such as the classic Cinnamon Toast Crunch as a little on the sugary side. The cereal itself holds up perfectly in milk providing a much more nuanced and deep set of flavors. However there is a sense that one can eat the cereal dry for a perfect mid afternoon or late-night snack. The successful letter-writing campaign that ultimately guided French Toast Crunch back on the shelves should be seen as the fashion in which individuals that like products that are sadly defunct should attempt to have their voices heard.


With the rerelease of French Toast Crunch up amongst other 90s icons it seems clear to me that more products will be given a new lease on life when it comes to 2015. I would heartily recommend purchasing a box of French Toast Crunch as it is the perfect blend of new – it is back on the shelves, and old – it has a very lengthy pedigree when one compares it to other cereals that are currently on the market. If you are a fan of French Toast Crunch when you were younger make it a point to pick up a box. If you like tasting the wide variety of cereals that are on the market buy a box.


Rating 9.5/10


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