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Hello. Can you provide us a little information about yourself and what you are attempting to do with your music?

“Healing Rain Worship Team” is a vibrant ministry in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and our maiden praise and worship album is titled “Miracles Still Happen”.  To give you a little background, Healing Rain Worship Team is a subsidiary of Healing Rain Christian Music and Media Production, a local group of passionate Christian songwriters and musicians from various backgrounds and churches across the Twin Cities with the purpose of delivering authentic praise and worship music that resounds with congregants across denominations and generations.


The vision of the group is: For His presence to manifest and dwell in the midst of Christians through songs of praise and worship and mission is to give encouragement to people the world over with words and songs of music. Healing Rain Worship Team has embraced the different genres of gospel music, blended multiple genres and believes in the power of music to transform lives and establish the will of God on earth.


We released our first LP on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon on September 5, 2014, titled “Miracles Still Happen“. This is exciting because the tracks are songs of worship and encouragement to the world

What difficulties have you experienced in your musical career?

Healing Rain Worship Team has relatively been in existence for the last four years. However, cumulatively, we have over 100 years of music experience. Over the last four years, we have been piecing together the right team of musicians and worshippers with creative minds and open to the vision of reaching the world with the Gospel. The process was painstaking and meticulous to audition and move ahead with the right talent for this vision. Our intent was to produce a new and unique sound for congregational praise & worship, allow the world of music to review and critique our work and strategically align our music to transcend existing genres.

What role does faith play in your music (career, performances)?

Faith in Jesus Christ is our foundation! Hence, Healing Rain Worship Team is a team of believers in Christ. We began our creative sessions with prayer and currently every rehearsal is also preceded by prayer. There are individual mentors, pastors and a Bishop constantly praying for us and advising us as we embark on this journey.

Miracles Still Happen is your new album. What significance does the album’s title have?

The title draws from the miraculous encounter and experience of our Executive Producers, Dr. & Mrs. Larbi-Odam, as God blessed them with 2 children after world-renowned doctors deemed it impossible for them to have kids. Some pastors had no solution and so believing that God is still in the miracle business, they never gave up. God brought them in contact with Bishop Van Dyke Noah who encouraged them and spoke the word of faith in their life. Dr. & Mrs. Larbi-Odam also believed the power of the word and confessed it. It manifested. Drawing from their miraculous encounter, the lyrics of the title track is encouraging people all over the world to feed on their faith, speak those words into existence, realize they are custodians of miracles and their faith will open the doors for them to experience the power of God at work in their lives, turning impossibilities into possibilities. Our team members have their testimonies as well of God’s miraculous power, making this title very experiential.

How has your style evolved and changed over the time since you first started playing?

It’s sometimes inconceivable how much the music and lyrics have changed over time. Each musician brought a unique input and we were able to piece together the music – the difference is significant and progress has been great.

Can you describe your creative process and your recording set up for us?

Healing Rain from the onset wanted a live sound and recording that would allow our creativity to take center stage. We are proud to state that each musician contributed immensely to our creative sessions over a 2 year period. We and an excellent studio and sound engineer who bought into our concept and facilitated each studio session. All the main instrumentals were recorded in one studio session – keyboards, drums, bass, guitar and saxophone/synthesizer – and vocals and additional instrumentation were coordinated later.

What acts have been the most influential in creating your unique sound?

The Healing Rain Worship Team members drew from their vast musical experience in the past and creative minds to influence the new sound of this album.

Do you have any live performances scheduled?

More details coming on our social media pages about CD release & live recording concert and concerts coming to a city near you.

Can you give us an insight about what listeners should expect from yourself through the end of 2014 and into 2015?

Expect a CD launch of ‘Miracles Still Happen’ in 2015 and planned concerts across the United States. We will also launch our website which will harbor every piece of information you will need about the Healing Rain Worship Team.

How can individuals contact you and hear your music?

“Miracles Still Happen” by the Healing Rain Worship Team Retail –


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Email: [email protected]

Tel. #: 612-701-5559 or 312-391-9259


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