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Pocky has just released one of the best new snacks coming from Japan. The Glico company has looked to expand their Pocky product line with the matcha flavor.

487675_GLICO_POCKY_MATCHA_2.47OZ_____ For those individuals that have had an experience with matcha in the past, this is a very faithful reproduction of that flavor. The Pocky possess a biscuit base meaning that there isa very robust crunch for each bite. This experience is made different through the enrobed matcha flavor which provides a creamier aspect to the aforementioned crunch. The size of a Pocky Matcha serving is 70 grams or one box; the biscuit sticks are much healthier when compared to other sweets that are on the market. One will be sated if they eat 5 to 10 pieces of the Pocky Matcha but the box itself contains about 20 to 30 pieces. The total fat of 1 box is about 13 grams or 22 percent of the recommended daily value while the saturated fat and 11 grams is a slight touch above half of an individual’s RDV.


The carbohydrates are about 50 grams which corresponds to around 16% of one’s daily value. The sheer amount of flavors that Glico / Pocky has released over the course of the last few years is substantial; completists as well as fans of Pocky should locate their own supply of the new flavor. Make sure and purchase a box of the Pocky Matcha for around three to four dollars and the product will be available at well-stocked sweeps stores and import houses throughout the beginning of 2015.


Rating: 8.5 / 10

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