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We are speaking today with the transcontinental Light Over There, who have just released their debut EP.

Can you provide us a little information about yourself and what you are attempting to do with your music?

A: Light Over There is Rex Haberman from Minneapolis, a veteran rocker and in the band War Poets, and Aileen Henderson from Galway, Ireland, a great singer songwriter. We have written and recorded 5 new songs on the new EP Light Over There. This is a songwriting collaboration across the Atlantic. Our songs are about real life and topics that may be difficult to talk about yet very important.


How has your style evolved and changed over the time since you first started playing?

A: If you’re referring to Light Over There, it has just started and the style is definitely Americana. For me, Rex, I’ve been more of a rock and roll player but have had spells of country and Americana in the past. I would say that my style has evolved from standard rock to more of an issues based rock, songs with a message.


What artists possess the greatest influence on your music?

A: There is no doubt that it is Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. I’ve always loved their sense of purpose and social dialogue, to be current in their message and bring light to the plight of so many.


Can you describe your creative process to us? How does a song go from an initial thought to a complete song?

A: I first write the music then determine what the music is telling me. What is the message I’m hearing in the music? Then I write the basic message without rhyming. Finally, I work on phrasing and rhyming, whether it be internal or by line. With Aileen it was different because I wrote some lyrics that she wrote music for, and I some circumstances I wrote the music and she wrote the lyrics.


What story or set of stories do the songs on the EP tell?

A: Where Memories Live is about dementia and the toll it takes on families.

It is written from the perspective of the afflicted person’s significant other. She Cries to You is about one woman’s view of her friend’s somewhat dysfunctional relationship. I Ain’t That Bad tells a story of realizing others may be less fortunate than yourself. Solitude Gratitude is about dealing with life’s serious challenges and finding gratitude when it seems unlikely. Mountain Song is about overcoming life’s challenges.


How can individuals find samples of your music?

A: People can go to iTunes or CD Baby



Everyone is on social media these days. How has social media helped your career out?

A: It’s basically the way we communicate with our fans, with Facebook and Twitter. We tell people about our songs, what is happening with the artists and any developments. It’s hard to imagine not having this.


What goals do you wish to accomplish in your career?

A: We want people to listen and like our music of course. Everyone dreams of playing in large arenas or in front of large crowds. For me, I want to stay true to my messages and not deviate from my style. If that grows into something big, great.


Which tracks are your favorite on your EP and what makes them so?

A: My favorite track is Where Memories Live. Aileen gives a fantastic performance that captures the emotion of the topic. Songs that make people cry can be cathartic and affirming to their humanity. That’s what makes this song so special.


Thank you so much for your time.

A: Thank you for having me.

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