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Hello, Magnus. What does No Paseo mean?

Hi! I have it on mediocre authority that “no paseo” is Spanish for «I don’t stroll» or «I don’t go for walks». The meaning isn’t really important, though. It was first and foremost the sound of it that appealed to me, and the name just stuck.


If we Ever Should Drift Apart is your latest album. How did the release move from initial thought to finished effort?

The album has been an ongoing project for about eight years and a learning process in completing my songs and in studio production. There has been a lot of rewriting and scrapping of material.


Most of the songs on this album are the ones, out of all the songs I have made, that came the easiest, and gave me the right feeling right away. For me, both melody and words has to come at the same time to fit each other, and they can’t be forced. Some of the songs were made by playing around in the studio and trying out new stuff. In general, I like to use the production phase as creatively as the composition phase of a song.


In a few sentences, why should listeners pick If we Ever Should Drift Apart up?

If you have the taste for melodic indie rock, with a lot of spice and want to check out something new, then I really think you should give it a try. I hope you will and I sure hope you like it. Fingers crossed.

What is your favorite composition off of the album?

I can’t really pick a favorite. These songs came together because I felt they were the most fit for an album, and they are the ones I became most pleased with during the eight year period I worked on the album. So, in a way, this album is my “best of”.


Who has influenced you as a musician?

Well, I listen to almost everything. It all depends on my mood and what I’m doing, so I’m influenced by many genres. But if I had to name some bands, it would mainly be ones from the 90’s rock scene, like Dinosaur Jr, Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, The Van Pelt and Pixies. I could go on forever.


I think I’m more influenced by friends, family and the people I’m surrounded with, as well as situations and my own inner life. I tend to be more creative when I’ve got a lot on my mind.


How does “If we Ever Should Drift Apart” fit into the larger tapestry that is your music? How has your style evolved and changed over the period since you first started?

I think I’ve become more relaxed and confident, and not as afraid to play whatever comes to my mind.

When I first started making music I was a lot more concerned with other people’s opinion and didn’t always allow myself to play whatever came to me. “If we Ever Should Drift Apart” is a bit more straight and pop-ish kind of indie rock than my earlier stuff.


How supportive is the Norwegian musical scene?

A lot relies on network and connections like anywhere in the world I believe.

I’ve got to admit, I haven’t really tried that hard. I’m no good at selling myself so there are probably possibilities I’ve missed out on.


There’s a website called where Norwegian bands can upload their music and find listeners. Then the editorial staff select the ones they like the best, and then the lucky few of them get some airtime. It’s not that easy to be heard and found by the ones that can make a difference. You have to stand out and have a ton of luck in addition to really working for it.


When it comes to what Norwegians listen to, I think every genre has a shot and that there’s an audience for everything here. The people just have to find the music.


What are your plans for the rest of 2015?

I’m always working on some new stuff,  and have already started work on my next album.

There is that, and I’m going to spread the word about this album as good as I can to hopefully find some new listeners. In time I’ll hopefully also do some gigs.


Finally, how can listeners hear samples from If we Ever Should Drift Apart?

You can find me on Spotify and the Norwegian band site I mentioned, I’m also on, where you can support me by buying the album. You can, by the way, download the album for free on You’re welcome!

Do you have anything else to tell NeuFutur readers?

I really appreciate it when people like my music, so if you do, don’t hesitate to let me know. Follow me on Spotify, soundcloud and facebook.

Lastly, I want to give a shout-out to Kristine Skarphol for the awesome cover work she did on the album.

Thank you so much for the time.

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