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Having an easy way to clean a baby while having enough wiggle room for a little one is the tradeoff that a number of mothers and fathers face. A number of baby baths on the market are rigid, ill-fitting, and take up a large amount of room. The Stokke Flexi Bath looks to address a number of these issues. The bath is foldable, meaning that it can be stashed in a closet, cabinet or storage space. The bath itself is made of a durable but flexible plastic that can fold out to a size that will accommodate children from birth to four years old comfortably. A non-slip base means that the tub will not move once it has water in it, providing additional piece of mind for those with babies that are particularly active or bouncy. For those that worry about any plastic-containing products that they purchase for their child, fear not – the Stokke Flexi Bath (and Newborn Support) is made of materials that are free of latex, BPA, lead, and phthalates. To decrease the potential for back pain or soaked floors, the Flexi Bath contains a drain plug that creates a perfect seal without being too difficult to remove.

product-stokke-flexibath1We were lucky enough to receive the additional Newborn Support that the company offers; this harder plastic has legs to keep the youngest children sitting in an upright position. A hole at the bottom of the chair allows the support to rest at the bottom of the flexi bath. The design of the Flexi Bath and the Newborn Support allows parents to clean the products easily; one will only need to use a household cleaner between uses, flip the bath upside down to dry, and be ready for the next formative experiences in the water. When the Flexi Bath is dry, it can be folded up into a shape that is about 2.5-3 inches thick and flat, meaning it can be slid out of the way or packed in a car on trips.Stokke FlexiBath 121002-8I8376

The Stokke Flexi Bath retails for $40 and is available in a wide array of colors (pink, blue, white, orange, and transparent). The bath can be purchased directly from the company; the Newborn Support is an additional $15. The great thing about Stokke is that the company offers replacement parts; if you would forget the drain plug, one does not need to jump through hoops to purchase one (or have to purchase another one); just contact Stokke directly. For anyone that wants a baby bath that does not clutter a bathroom, can be cleaned with only a modicum of effort, and will not break a family’s budget, get the Stokke Flexi Bath a spin.

Rating: 9.5/10

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