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Brian’s Remorse is a barrel-aged stout (Saugatuck has placed it in oak bourbon barrels including those from Woodford Reserve, Heaven Hill, Wild Turkey and Buffalo Trace); the time spent ensconced in wood has imparted a distinct and unique flavor to this stout that typically is reserved to beers that are at the 9-12% ABV mark. 12226982_10103857704975334_5036628992017387880_nThe richness of this beer makes it eminently drinkable and complex as all get out; individuals will be greeted by a thick, luxurious mouth feel replete with hints of chocolate and mocha. The barrel-aging process has ensured that further flavors are present in Brian’s Remorse; as one continues along their bottle, hints of vanilla and spice become evident. Taken together, these distinct flavors unite to make something complex and cohesive. We were particular fans of the alcohol bite that makes its way into Brian’s Remorse. This snap does much to decrease the prominence of the sweeter elements which are traditionally present in a good many stout.

What results in Brian’s Remorse is something that has a bold set of flavors and goes down without a second thought; a few of these bottles would be all that is needed to stave off the rapidly-encroaching winter. The deep and dense set of flavors that one will experience in each 12 ounce bottle of Brian’s Remorse will have individuals eagerly devouring the last dregs of the beer as they were when they began the experience.

For more information about the full panoply of year-round and seasonal efforts from Saugatuck, check out their domain. The brewery has a substantial social media presence to showcase events and the latest information regarding new efforts from the brewery.

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Rating: 8.5/10

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