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Boomsauce is a pretty heady IPA (India Pale Ale) from Woburn, MA’s Lord Hobo Brewing Company pouring with a dark yellow to golden coloration and little in the way of head. The lacing from Boomsauce is barely present.

BoomsauceImmediately present in a glass of Boomsauce is a good amount of effervescence, which imbues upon the effort a certain lightness. This lightness ensures that one will delve into Boomsauce with aplomb and gusto, before being smacked upside the head with a mind-boggling amount of hops.

This IPA has an immediately strong hop (predominantly citrus) bite to it that gradually dissipates as one allows it to reach room temperature. The bitterness contributed by the hops are moderated well by sweeter and grainier elements, both of which take a more substantive role as one moves into the latter half of the brew. Hints of caramel, grass, and malt allow Boomsauce to have a further lease on life. The beer’s assertive introduction ensures that one wants to complete each pint can of the stuff. The thinness that is present in a great many IPAs is avoided here, with Hobosauce benefiting from a mouthfeel that is able to ferry larger and smaller flavors well. Smaller pieces of mango, apricot and mango bubble their way into the forefront of the effort, providing greater complexity and spontaneity. The considerable alcohol presence of Boomsauce is hidden masterfully by these assertive flavors, making for a downright dangerous combination. While only need one or two cans of the stuff is enough to set a night off right, the Siren’s song of Boomsauce may make a 4-pack disappear before one’s head hits the pillow.

For more information about the whole array of brews that Lord Hobo releases, give their website a visit. Further discussion about distribution and current events can be located at their social media profiles.

Rating: 8.3/10

Boomsauce / India Pale Ale / 8.0% ABV / Lord Hobo Brewing Company / / / /


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  1. Email me a shipping label and I’ll send you a can of Julius just so you can see how awful this stuff really is.

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