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The Acres O’Green Irish Red by Colorado’s Lone Tree Brewing is an archetypal version of an Irish Red Ale, meaning that individuals will be immediately hit with a fair amount of malt taste with a little bit of sweetness at the end of each quaff. The beer pours with a delicious mahogany coloration and a fair amount of off white to tannish head with a slight amount of lacing occurring afterwards.Acres O'Green Irish Red (Lone Tree Brewing)

Acres O’Green has a robust body, a fairly light mouth feel and a low enough ABV for one to take down a few cans before the end of the night. This beer does much to refresh a frazzled Irish Red style that has long since been made into a red sort of lager without any of the richness or fullness that is present in this effort. The inclusion of a fair amount of hops into Acres O’Green provides that sharp turn before one takes their next sip that makes this into such an eminently drinkable effort. The brewery is able to create a multi-layered approach when it comes to this Irish Red which ensures that imbibers have a different constellation of flavors each time they take a sip. Refreshing, flavorful and easily paired with a wide variety of food, cuisine and snack options, Lone Tree’s Acres O’Green Irish Red is something that should be sought out by fans of the style as well as anyone that is looking to challenge what they expect from beers that possessing a malt-forward taste. Acres O’Green is a year-round offering for Lone Tree; for more information about the brewery’s new products and other information, visit their social media profiles and main domain.

Rating 7.9/10

Acres O’Green Irish Red / Lone Tree Brewing / 6.0% ABV / / /

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