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We received a set of products from Bumkins that are licensed and showcase characters from Dr. Seuss books. One of these items that we received is a wet bag which is incredibly versatile when it comes to including with the never-ending list of supplies that one brings each time they ferry their children from point A to B. This means that breastfeeding implements can be placed inside of it such as cones and tubes after they have been used without staining up the diaper bag and everything else it touches while wet and dirty diapers can be included and zipped up so that they don’t contaminate the rest of the materials in the satchel.Dr. Seuss Wet Bag (Bumkins)The quality of Bumkins’ Dr. Seuss Wet Bag means that one will be able to use it on a pretty heavy rotation for quite a few years before the material or the zipper go south. The waterproof material which the bag is made is a brilliant addition to anyone that has a leaky, drippy or otherwise wet item in their possession. We even had some luck putting bottles into the wet bag, especially those which we have lost the cap further keep down what is a messy existence when one has a bottle-fed child. Bumkins has a number of different licenses for shows and companies like The Cat in the Hat, Disney, and DC Comics and a wide variety of different bags and containers available. We were similarly pleased with their laundry bag, which utilizes similar design and product material to the wet bag albeit in a larger size. For more information about the full range of products that Bumkins produces please visit their website for a full listing, new product announcements and product availability.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

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