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The Imperial Stout style is provided considerable variation through the inclusion of adjuncts ranging from chocolate to bacon, to coffee and even mint. However, one of the earliest inclusions into the style had to be coffee and one of those first companies to go forth and craft something that blends together the bitterness and roastiness of a cappuccino with the thick mouth feel and the malty notes of a stout was Lagunitas Brewing. The beer pours with a dark brown to nearly night time coloration and yields a decent amount of tannish head that is reluctant to retreat, avoiding some of the pitfalls that are present in the stout style. It has a lightness to the mouth feel that destroys the gummy, thick feeling that one is apt to happen upon when they are drinking an imperial stout.Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout-500x500

Rather, the luxuriousness of the Cappuccino Stout is the perfect vehicle to ferry delicate flavors, resulting in an eclectic brew that will continue to show new twists and turns as one makes it further into the bottle. Lagunitas is able to marry together the decadent chocolate and biscuit elements with licorice, anise and nutmeg. Hints of cream, molasses and brown sugar build up towards the latter half of the Cappuccino Stout; the ABV and strong flavor compounds in the beer are enough to make the effort as compelling as it was when one initially cracks the bottle. The Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout is available for a limited time from the brewery; further information about it and the myriad other products that the company releases is available on the brewery’s website. Further updates regarding new products and upcoming events is available on the company’s social media profiles.

Rating: 8.7/10

Cappuccino Stout (Lagunitas) / 9.62% ABV / 29.5 IBU / / /


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