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Badasheng Gaming Headset

The Badasheng Gaming Headset is a perfect sort of product for those looking for an entry-level headphone. The simple fact of life is that a great many people live with someone else, whether it be parents, dorm mates, or sharing a house with a wife or children. In that case it becomes an inevitability that there will be a moment at which you are asked to turn down your music or video game. Having a set of headphones that will do in a pinch is absolutely essential in those cases.

These headphones which are available on online retailers including NewEgg and Amazon are the perfect sort of thing to keep tucked away until that point when you have to strap them on. These headphones do perfectly well and recreate atmospheric noises as well as voices in a crisp and clear fashion. One can go through the whole casino game list and not find a title that suffers when one has on the pair of Badasheng headphones. The music replay may not be as clear or crisp as high-end headphones but are roughly equivalent to one’s computer speakers.

Where these headphones shine in regards to their price grade has to be in the economics of the device. The cup of the headphones as well as the band connecting the two speakers is very comfortable. One could easily keep the headphones over their ears for an extended length of time without feeling any sort of pain or discomfort. These headphones would be a great purchase for anybody that is just getting into gaming or music and would do fine for those people that are coming back to dorms or other multi inhabitant dwellings. Expect to spend about $20-$25 (with shipping) on a pair of the headphones and keep an eye out on electronic retailers such as NewEgg for new product offerings from this company.

Rating: 7.5/10

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