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Pathfinder Pocket Editions

One of the problems that role-playing gamers typically run into when they have to move locations for their gaming sessions is the sheer weight of the books that they must lug around. One understands the logic for these companies creating luscious tomes that are typically hard cover and full of amazing illustrations and further clarifications about nuances to the game play. The simple fact though is that if you are a Gamemaster and have to carry a players handbook, game rule book, and a bestiary, your back is going to ache.

Now with the Advent of Paizo’s Pocket Editions for the Pathfinder gaming system the weight that one has to lug around decreases considerably. These additions have a smaller form, roughly about 7 by 9 inches and are found in a paper back format. This makes it much less of a strain on one’s shoulders and back while still containing all the relevant information that a player requires to successfully begin or continue a Pathfinder campaign. The text has been shrunk a bit which may be a little problematic for players that have vision troubles but is still very clear and sharp considering the overall size change. Paizo offers pocket editions of their Bestiary and Core Rulebook and looks to continue to release smaller editions of each of their center and peripheral texts. This is a brilliant idea and while the titles themselves will get a little more in the way of wear from being kicked around a laptop bag or satchel, one typically runs into that problem even with hardback editions.

The convenience factor of Paizo’s Pocket Editions is great and the pricing is great as well. The company is offering these Pocket Editions for $25 a piece. This is the perfect sort of purchase for an individual that is trying to get into the game or those that wish to make their weekly sessions a little less destructive to their corporeal being. Make sure to add the Paizo website for more information about the different product line releases that the company will be putting on the market through the ending months of 2016 and into the first few months of 2017.

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