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We have reviewed a number of different headphone options for the electronics section at NeuFutur magazine. This year amount of variation that exists in terms of the overall quality is substantial to the degree that one really needs to do some research when it comes to purchasing a pair of headphones. We had a pair of the JBL E55BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones dropped down to our headquarters a few days back and we were pleasantly surprised at the level of quality that these entry-priced products have.

This JBL E55BTs are able to go and reproduce any array of sounds whether it be music, voice chat or even the most orchestral sounding games or movies. I was a fan of the depth and witch a vocal mix can shine. Typically when one goes and utilizes a pair of headphones over a set of speakers you give up a lot of the intricate sounds that have been painstakingly included into the mix, but with the JBL headphones you are able to have this clarity and be really impressed with the lows, the highs and everything in between. Beyond just the fidelity / quality of these headphones, we were astonished at the comforts and the tight fit of this pair.

I have fairly sensitive ears to the degree that when I wear a pair for any length of time I start to get a pain on my head. The level of padding and protection the JBL has placed into the E55BTs means that one can endure through a 6 or 8 hour streaming session or long-form raid without having the slightest in difficulty wearing the headphones. Finally the overall build quality of the headphones makes it easy for somebody to throw them in their car after a workout or kick them around their room without the slightest and damage. The Bluetooth capability of the E55BTs makes it a snap to sync the headphones; one need not trip over cords or have a workout impacted by wires.

With these three key factors we cannot more strongly suggest buying this pair. Expect to spend about $150 on the JBL E55BTs; they are our pick for April, 2017. For additional information about the entirety of the home entertainment line the JBL creates, visit their website and check out their social media profiles.

Rating 9.0/10

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  1. The JBL E55BT is an excellent choice for those who want a warm and balanced sound. Comfort present on the listening time and has a simple design. The JBL E55BT will do the job for a pleasant, everyday listening experience at an affordable price!

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