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There is a new sort a snack that is available for those individuals attempting to stay on a diet or to remove other harmful sorts of sweets from their daily routine. The ability to use fruit as a sweetening agent is something that a lot of confectioners and candy companies forget is a possibility but Goodness Knows uses the sweet elements of fruits to go and create a delectable bar.

The company is able to go and make a light and airy base for their bar which seems similar in the sense to Rice Krispies squares. On top of that the company layers chocolate and fruits at just enough of a level to make this a decadent sort of sweet. The company utilizes Apple, Cranberry, and Peach in these bars meaning that one could easily pack the different types in a lunch box or a purse/handbag over the course of a month or two and never once feel tired of what the company creates. When one looks at the breakdown in terms of calories, carbs, and fat they will be pleasantly surprised. Part of this has to be due to the fact that the bar is fairly light; it weighs considerably less than a candy bar would. However the base of the bar is filling and will stave off any hunger pangs that an individual may have after a hard workout or a few hours of work. The Goodness Knows are available from a wide variety of retailers (Walgreens, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Target) and natural food stores. Expect to $4-7 on a box of these Bars. The company’s website is a good resource for seeing exactly how these bars differ from other offerings currently on the market. We enjoyed them immensely and could not think of a better snack to outfit NeuFutur headquarters with.

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