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Over the course of the last decade, the wife and I have made it a point to check out the natural history museums in any sort of location we are actively visiting. This means that we have been to natural history museums in places like Buffalo and Cleveland that could use a bit of updating. We had just moved down to the Dallas / Ft. Worth area and were fortunate enough to be invited to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. The museum is incredibly well kept up and contains a number of attractions through its five floors that will keep individuals of all ages interested. The division of the floors into different segments of science ensures that one will keep their interest level high from beginning to end. The natural history floor which will be most attendee’s first experience with the Perot showcases the sheer amount of different animals and plants that are available.

Our 2 year old was most impressed with the bottom level of the Perot, which had a number of distinct exhibits that showcased various small animals, a water table, a sand exhibit and a recreation of buildings that satisfies childrens’ climbing urges. We cannot wait until our daughter gets to the age that she can appreciate the Texas Instruments Engineering Hall. While one is on this floor, there are a number of robots and programmable tools that will showcase the allure of order. We were a fan of a spinning wheel that displayed any drawing that one programmed into a computer, while one’s ability to create a sturdy structure is challenged with a device that approximates the tremors from major earthquakes. The Gems and Minerals hall was another amazing stop as there were so many distinct specimens; tablets that were attached to each station showcased information about each specimen. Another highlight of our trip to the Perot Museum were the fossils in the T. Boone Pickens hall, showcasing a wide array of creatures from our distant past. Finally, we dug the Tom Hunt Energy Hall. Thee attraction showcasing what happens when a fracking operation starts provides a new generation with information about the current technologies that are in play.

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science costs $18/day for adults and $11/day for children when bought online. Boys and girls under the age of 2 are admitted to the museum for free. Parking around the museum is ample and runs $10 for a spot in their own private lot, situated close to the museum.

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