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All the individuals at Kalahari resort in Sandusky, Ohio were tremendously kind to us when we went last weekend. We were able to see into the nooks and crannies of the resort and in doing so, found some of the best times that we have ever had. We spent a single night at the Kalahari resort, and we will come back in the months and years to come. Read on to see exactly why that was, and why Kalahari may just be the best attraction in Ohio to hit up.
The Entry
As one walks from the parking lot over to the beginning of the resort, one begins to feel the African / tribal vibe that is expanded upon in the resort. A trading post atmosphere is created here, with a wide array of stores, whether it be a candy / ice cream store, clothing store, or even hand-made jewelry. The journey continues after checkout when one makes it to their room. In our particular case, we walked by rooms that were festooned to provide the perfect sort of ambience. The rooms – particularly the Lodge room which we were provided – contains more than enough in the way of amenities to allow individuals or families to feel as if they were at home. For example, the pantry is stocked with cups and the drawers with dishes and cutlery; the fireplace provides the perfect cherry on the top.
The Water Park
After one become familiar with their room, the water park should be their next stop. This is Kalahari’s bread and butter, and I am pleased to report that is very possibly the best water park that I have ever been to. There are a slew of different rides that allow different ages enjoyment, from the Zip Coaster to the Rippling Rhino. For those that wish to have an surfing experience, there is the Flowrider attraction that continually buffets riders with some forceful waves. For those that may bring children to Kalahari or may just want a slower experience, I would heartily suggest a trip on the Lazy River coupled with a drink or two at the spa bar. Children at their younger ages will appreciate the Leopard’s Lair, which has smaller slides and a number of things to crawl, use, and otherwise incorporate into their play.
I believe that the Zip Coaster was perhaps the most innovative ride in Kalahari’s water park. Riders are placed into a raft and shot through tubes at speeds approaching that of a rollercoaster. This ride will have riders speeding through the waterpark at breakneck speeds, all with the utmost concern for safety.
There is a delightful restaurant that is on the premises – The Reserve. Where in-attraction restaurants typically have carte blanche to rocket up their prices, we noticed that the food at The Reserve was on par with an Applebee’s or a Ruby Tuesday. With a tremendous amount of selection to be had on their menus, The Reserve will have something for everyone. Their beer selection, while bottled, represents a step up from the aforementioned restaurants, while their mixed drinks pack a decent wallop for a small price. For those adults that wish to pamper themselves, the Spa Kalahari has well-trained professionals that can give manicures, pedicures, or even paint up nails with the greatest of ease.
After one gets their time at the water park, two distinct indoor attractions remain. The arcade has a number of different skill and video games, while the putt-putt golf allows for tricky shots in a vibrant landscape. Fans of the Fruit Ninja franchise will be happy to know that Kalahari’s arcade has a shiny and spiffy new version of the title, along with Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero. Those fans of shooters like Terminator: Salvation will be able to enjoy themselves. The games are ran off a system similar to that employed by Dave and Busters. I feel that the games here are actually cheaper than the same ones at Dave and Busters, so big-time fans of arcades would do well to make a sojourn up to Kalahari for that reason alone.
For those that wish to experience the Kalahari but live close enough to the park, one can purchase passes for the waterpark for a price below that of other attractions that may be near. This price is discounted even further when one shows that they are serving in the United States armed forces. While most days in the winter just feel as one is locked in their house, I believe a trip up to Kalahari will break up any cabin fever or other everyday problems that may be stacking up. Add on valet parking to the mix for a proper big-time feeling; the staff that is present at the resort is always hospitable and friendly.
It may seem as if going to a waterpark is more of a summer activity, but I can assure you that one can have tons of fun in the late autumn and winter months with a trip to Kalahari. For those businesses that are looking for conference space, Kalahari does provide ample room for any sort of regional or national convention, all the way down to a weekly power lunch.
The Details
Check on Kalahari’s website – – for a listing of the different specials that they are currently offering. One can bring their family, eat, and enjoy all the attractions for well under $250. Compared to a day out at the mall and at the movies, that is positively cheap. Holidays, birthdays, even good grades on report cards should bring a Kalahari visit.
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