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On Talk To Me, Rossa McCann is able to make a rocking track that ties together 1980s hair metal with harder-edge emo rock. The resulting track is catchy as all get and musically impressive. The dynamic between the track’s guitar, bass, and drums is nothing less than special. There are so many things happening at any one point during Talk To Me that listeners are virtually required to play the single a number of times (preferably with headphones on) before they can hear everything that is placed within. The production of this single is nothing less than impressive. Each note is able to be pulled out an examined, all while the guitars, bass, vocals, and drums are able to have their own minute in the spotlight.

A special accolade has to go to the sizzling guitar work that listeners will hear scattered throughout the entirety of Talk To Me. This guitar pushes the song to an entirely higher plateau, while sounding absolutely at home with the rest of the track. The vocals link together influences as wide-ranges as Geoff from Queensryche and Adam from Taking Back Sunday. It is a nice change of pace to hear the bass line put in such a prominent place during Talk To Me. Taken together, these constituent elements are able to make a song that will appease even the most jaded fan of rock music while performing admirably on any Spotify playlist or radio rotation.

Let us know what you think about Rossa McCann’s latest by listening to the embedded track below. Keep an ear firmly placed to the ground for any more new tracks by this Australian act.

Rossa McCann – Talk To Me / 2019 Self Released / 3:12 / SoundCloud /

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