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DvffleBvg Ruggv (D.C.-area rapper) has came forth with some fire with his 2020 release, Addy. The track is easily able to demand attention with a booming bass-led bed, hints of strings, and rapid-fire sequencing. There’s nods present here to both the production approach of Hypnotize Minds and Scott Storch. The electric approach taken to the backdrop here ensures that the single remains fresh from its first note until the song rolls out.

DvffleBvg Ruggv’s unique style builds upon the framework established by performers like Rick Ross, Yelawolf and The Game. There’s a street-savvy sound that showcases considerable life experience, while the resulting verbal flow on Addy ensures that both true rap aficionados and radio rap fans will be able to sink their teeth into.

Paid will immediately hit listeners. Rapid-fire vocal delivery stands out boldly on top of the keys. With a switch over to a blend of quick-spat bars and a larger than life set of keys, DvffleBvg Ruggv ensures that fans are firmly planted on the edges of their seats. Where many rappers call it a day with repetitious lyrics, DR is able to do a trio of things over the course of a scant few minutes on Paid. This means that the song’s given a robust narrative, the backing beat is imbued with a further depth with his voice, and the speed at which lines go by is similar to Rap God-era Em, Twista, or Bizzy Bone.

Check out DvffleBvg Ruggv’s social media presence for additional information about the rapper, samples of his current music, and any other updates that may be coming down the line. Facing Death, his latest mixtape, is currently available at Spinrilla. We’re excited for his next releases.

Rating: 8.9/10

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