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Death Bells — the long-running musical collaboration between Will Canning and Remy Veselis — are thrilled to announce their third full-length album, Between Here & Everywhere. Set for release on July 29th via Dais Records, the LP captures the cross-section of Southern California’s shadowy hidden interzones, outside of the lights and luxury.

The group teased this new full-length with the pre-release of “Intruder” and “Passerby” singles — now, they’ve unveiled another new track from the album, “Lifespring.” Of the song, Canning comments, “We initially wrote ‘Lifespring’ at a friend’s studio, before the last record was even an idea. I thought I had lost the stems, but discovered them recently on a USB that had been sitting in my jacket pocket for the last few years, so we were able to finally finish the song.” He continues, “The lyrical inspiration for ‘Lifespring’ came from reading about a fairly spurious organization of the same name that were around until the mid-90s. Musically, it feels very different from anything we’ve done before; sleazier, groovier.”

Adopting a collaborative approach for the recording of Between Here & Everywhere, the LP features nine new songs that represent Will Canning and Remy Veselis’ continual growth, as well as accompaniment by an experienced cast of contributors on keys, strings, piano, and operatic backup vocals. Recorded with Colin Knight at Paradise Studios, and mixed by Mike Kriebel at Golden Beat, Between Here & Everywhere bristles with immediacy and emotion, with every element tactile, balanced, and elevated.

Between Here & Everywhere sets out to map the potent mess of Los Angeles. Canning cites the “vastness” of the band’s adopted home as a constant muse, and much like the city itself, the album ebbs gradually from harrowing to hopeful over its 35-minute runtime. The lyrics are categorized as “narrative, but not autobiographical,” born of intrigue, intimacy, and a sense of “looking outward.”

Formed in 2015 in Sydney, Australia, Death Bells has proven to be a mainstay in the alternative underground musical landscape both in their homeland and overseas. Death Bells released their sophomore full-length and Dais Records debut New Signs of Life in September of 2020. On this record, the group embraced their diverse tastes to deliver unforgettable hooks and more expansive sounds across its nine graceful songs. Following, and in direct response to the pandemic, Death Bells secluded themselves at Bombay Beach to record and release 5 live recordings of songs from New Signs of Life in April of 2021 — the gorgeous live performance and recording Live from Bombay.

Revitalized and recentered, Death Bells present Between Here & Everywhere — a dizzying portrait of a band at the height of their powers.

Between Here & Everywhere, track listing:

1.  Passerby

2.  Hysteria

3.  Lifespring

4.  Intruder

5.  A Better Resolution

6.  Last Days

7.  Space Without A Name

8.  Eternity Street

9.  Here & Everywhere

Death Bells is:

Will Canning

Remy Veselis

Contributors on Between Here & Everywhere:

Arian Jalali (STRFKR) – Piano 

Colin Knight (Object of Affection) – Drums, Production

Jeff Fribourg (, Froth) – Synthesizer

Laena Myers-Ionita (Feels) – Violin

Laura Delogu – Backing vocals

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