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What was the intention behind “Shake Down” and why was it important to incorporate the beautiful farm setting for the visual? Can you talk about the process of creating the concepts for both the song and music video?

The intention behind “Shake Down” was to show my love of Country Fried Chicken, Horses, and of course country life, food and good times with friends on the farm.

The process of creating the concept  was based off the song “Fancy Like” by Walker Hayes, I love how he brought his love a country life to the big screen I thought if he could, so could I!

What was it like shooting on a farm? Do you have a favorite moment from the video? If so, why does it stand out to you?

It was wonderful shooting at a farm! I ride horses and horseback riding is one  of my my new found passions that I absolutely adore being able to incorporate the farm and the animals it was a dream come true!

How have your Buffalo roots and upbringing influenced your musical style, specifically “Shake Down’s” Country-pop fusion?

My initiative sound developed naturally over the years from all my training and lessons. I started out being trained in classical opera lessons, to pop, hip hop and all the way to my true calling which is country and I love it!

Can you talk about how your musical journey began and when you knew it was something you wished to pursue as a career?

What sparked my initial interest into music is, I came from a very musical background my grandfather was a part of a 12 piece orchestra playing the piano and my father support his way throughout college playing the drums in a band. Between a musical background from my family along with lessons in classical piano along with voice lessons all the way to classical opera lessons inspired my love for music.

Who are your musical influences? Do you think their styles appear in your own creations?

My musical influences that had a major impact on my sound it would be a mixture of the modern day Billie Eilish, to a classy Patsy Cline and the fun flirty Shania Twain. Yes I do feel their style does reflect on my own creation.

How do you want fans to feel after listening to “Shake Down”? Is there a specific moment you hope they take away from the lyrics and/or music video?

The song talks all about the love of Country Fried Chicken and of course country life, living, horses, food and good times with friends on the farm. With a fun, flirty, happy and chill feel to the song dancing and eating Country Fried Chicken in the barn. 

A pacific lyrics that I want people to take away from this song is “I got the Country Fried Chicken”! 

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