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What is your song-writing style and process like? How do you get into the writing mode to bring your ideas to life? 

My song process and writing style differs from song to song. Sometimes I write, other times I freestyle and or pinch in bar for bar. Overall I breathe in life and use what ever I’m going through or see around me as the topic for my music. The more I create the more I try to push myself by using new vocal elements, allowing my self to be vulnerable, and never becoming complacent.

Were there particular moments or conversations that sparked the ideas for “Go Crazy” and “Cancer Symptoms’” concepts? If so, can you explain what those moments were like? 

The concept for  “Go Crazy” me and some friends where having drinks dancing and being silly and it gave me the idea to write a song that embodied that feeling I had at that particular time. “Cancer Symptoms” was a culmination of the tribulations I battled fighting cancer. I wanted it to be a clear cut what I was dealing with at the time. 

Did you immediately know and imagine what you wanted for the “Cancer Symptoms” visual? Or was it a longer process to come up with the music video’s concept? 

I did immediately know what I wanted the visual to show for “Cancer Symptoms” It was what I was dealing with at the moment. I purposely highlighted the passion and dedication I had to get through the disease in this song and video. I was dying while living out my passion, I recorded music while sick, going to the bathroom throwing up, putting on a smile for the people around me, scared at the same time but still fighting. Because if I was going to die the odds would be I die in front of the microphone enjoying what I love. That’s how my life would have ended, like a fighting warrior.

The “Go Crazy” music video has a fun summer vibe. Why was this video the best approach to deliver the message of the song; and what was your favorite part of the visual? 

Because it shows the carefree side of me, I’m shirtless in a pool with beautiful women dancing to the lyrics of my song. Best part was working with the directors Kharkee and B Marron and creating everlasting relationships.

How do you hope your music impacts and influences your fans? 

I hope my music impacts my fans by touching their hearts and captivating each listener based on their situations in life. 

What do you want them to take away from your creations?

I want my fans to think of me as a friend. I won’t judge you and I hope you guys won’t judge me. As I express my many emotions to you in my music I hope you can relate or at least hear my story through my art.

What does the future for Alpha Hugo look like? Do you have any upcoming releases or projects that you are able to share with your fans? 

My next single “Fresh Prince” will release August 19th, 2022 it’s also coming with visuals. I recently completed my mixtape releasing shortly afterwards, and there’s lots more music that I’ve undecided on a release date yet for 2022.

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