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Lone Tree’s Double IPA pours with a bit of haze and a goldenrod coloration. There is a tremendous amount of fluffy white head that laces its way down a glass. Hints of wheat and hops are present in the beer’s initial nose. The first sip of this double IPA yields a bit of bitterness but much less than one would imagine from such a heavily-hopped outing. Where the beer will get you is in its’ aftertaste. The sharpness sits on the palette until one is able to take another sip, refreshing things nicely.

Lone Tree has stayed away from the hazy and juicy elements with their double IPA, and I feel that it makes this beer stronger for aficionados of the style. There is an assertiveness to this 2x India Pale Ale that would pair nicely with strongly-flavored fare. I’d recommend pairing this with a roast, BBQ, or with Indian or northern African cuisine. The 8.0% ABV of Lone Tree’s Double IPA ensures that the overall flavor profile of the beer is able to stay constant no matter where one may be in a can. Where a great many India pale ales fall into a weak, sugary mess after a few minutes, the final sip of Double IPA is as strong as its initial one.

If you find yourself in the Denver area and can go to the suburb of Lone Tree, make sure to check out their brew house. Have you had any experience with Lone Tree’s beers, either on tap or in bottles and cans? If so, leave a comment.

Rating: 8.0/10

Double IPA (Lone Tree Brewing Company) / 8.0% ABV / 80 IBU / Facebook / Domain

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