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What’s something you’ve done differently in the “Spirit of the Trees” music video from your last video, “Diamond Sailor,” that you’re proud of?

One thing we did differently on “Spirit of the Trees” was having me participate in the video more. I’m proud to be more hands-on, which makes it more personal for the viewer.

What inspired the scenery and color schemes you incorporated in the “Spirit of the Trees” music video?

We were trying to bring elements of nature, which is generally a green landscape. The use of the special camera lens was key to the dreamy vibe of the song.

What part of music and/or creation production intrigued you most growing up?

Has your answer stayed the same or changed since then? Why?

I have written and recorded songs for over three decades. One of the most intriguing aspects for me is the technology. When I started recording, we used 4-track cassette recorders and reel-reel tape machines. Nowadays, everything is done on a computer, and the tools are endless. If the written content is strong, today’s recording techniques are endless.

Will we be getting more acoustic guitar vibes? We’re loving the solo guitar riffs!

Currently, we are making a two-volume tribute album to the Byrds. Once this album is completed, I will record a new solo album, and the acoustic guitar is always present in my writing.

How do you feel being raised in Upstate New York has impacted your journey as a singer-songwriter? What’s something you’ve experienced that will stick with you forever?

Growing up in update NY had benefits. I had many guitar teachers earlier on and musicians that helped me along the way. It was a very creative place at one time. One thing that will always stick with me is the support I had from our little community. Most people were very supportive of music, and it impacted me.

What’s next for Christian Parker? What do you hope to be doing more of and less of?

I’m excited to complete this Byrds tribute album, as we have some very special guests contributing to it. I would like to continue to create original music and share my songs. It has been a creative time for me, and I’m thankful to have it in my life. 

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