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Over the course of the last few years, we have stopped by a few Bossier/Shreveport breweries. Flying Heart was particularly popping on the weekend, and we decided to settle in and try a few of their efforts. While they had just cashed their Milk Maid Stout, we had a chance to try our their porter, Barrel 52. Pouring with a dark brown to nearly-blackish coloration and little in the way of a head, Barrel 52 was formidable, full of flavor, and stood up to crazy hot temperatures like a champ. Barrel 52 possessed hints of chocolate, coffee, and a good amount of toasted malt; while there was a bit of sweetness to this brew, it was moderated nicely by the bit of bitterness present. By pegging Barrel 52 at a 7.4% ABV, Flying Heart has ensured that the beer has a bit more complex of a flavor profile than many of the 5-6% ABV porters we’ve had over the years.

Beyond the deeper and darker flavors of Barrel 52, Black Heart ( a black lager) and the aforementioned stout, Flying Heart goes all in with their lighter efforts. Current seasonal offerings from the brewery included a Pineapple Shandy and a Hefeweizen. The only thing missing during this trip was an India Pale Ale on tap; we always love having a bit of bitterness to quench one’s thirst in the hot Louisiana nights.

Flying Heart’s tap room is tremendously inviting, with incredibly quick fills and a good amount of year-round and seasonal efforts all on the menu. While there was no food truck the night we make our trip into Shreveport, the brewery maintains a pretty good amount of food options that serve patrons through the week (just check out their Facebook for up to date info). Additional information about the brewery can be found at their main domain while new product information can be sourced from the variety of social media profiles that they maintain. For those with children, Flying Heart is accommodating and has a tremendously inviting demeanor. We were able to keep our 7 year old interested with the numerous board games and friendly clientele and staff alike.

Barrel 52 (Porter) – Flying Heart / 7.4% ABV /

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